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Today, business prevails on the internet. With the majority of consumer research done online, the quality and clarity of a website plays a major role in the decision-making for a potential customer. Creating a strong visual presence is fundamental for success. We provide beautiful, customized web development or site re-designs tailored to our clients' needs that scales automatically to all platforms, including mobile and tablet devices.

Through our collaborative approach we help our clients create a proper plan to ensure we find the right technological solution for each project. Our experienced team will create a dynamic web presence, allowing you to highlight your product or service with an aggressive passion towards sales.



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Your website needs to be engaging. It needs to catch the eye of your next amazing Client. At Trueblood Designs, we build with all the latest web standards and technologies. We make sure your website looks fantastic in all modern browsers (IE8 not fully supported - learn why) and uses the latest in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your shiny new website will meet World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, all traffic to your website and user behavior will be gathered and analyzed using Google Analytics and we'll work together to implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that will allow your Clients to find you online with ease.

With mobile browsing slated to overtake desktop browsing, Trueblood Designs has implemented and made standard the use of Responsive Web Design. We factor responsive web design in to all of our site builds and web applications. Responsive web design means that the website is optimized for mobile browsing. In other words, responsive websites respond to the screen size of the device being used. Instead of creating different experiences for different devices, Responsive Web Design rearranges the content to fit nicely on all devices. You never know what device your next potential Client will be using to find you on the Internet.

Website Design / Development

Web Design / Development

Building code with all the latest standards, bells and whistles, lean on Trueblood Designs to get the job done. Whether you're in need of a brand new website, a redesign to your current website, making your current website mobile-friendly, an intranet portal, an email newsletter, anything related to websites, plan on your expectations being exceeded.

Web / Phone Applications

Web / Phone Applications

Trueblood Designs is your ideal partner for building web and phone applications. Do you have an idea for a web or phone application and not really sure where to go? We can be your one-stop shop. We have grown right along with the increased launch of web and phone apps to market. In fact, we use a lot of these web apps to collaborate within our internal Team and with Clients.

User Experience Prototyping

User Experience Prototyping

Are you not exactly ready for a website, but have an idea that you need prototyped to show investors? Trueblood Designs has built a number of prototypes and we understand the importance of confidentiality. We can work close together an ensure your idea is captured and that the prototype shines.

Online Marketing / Consulting

Online Marketing / Consulting

Do you need to improve your online engagement, or need to get started with it all? Trueblood Designs having grown up during the rise of social engagement, we know first hand just how powerful it is and how to cut through the mess to get results. We'll cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site analytics, social networking and more!



Project Definitions

  • Gain an understanding of the business goals and project statement
  • Research - often using quantitative and qualitative methods - what makes sense

Game Plan

Planning and Wireframes

  • With research in hand, we look to find the sweet spot
  • This forms the key ingredient that serves as the foundation for the conceptual design phase


Latest of Web Standards

  • Through an industry best - proactive design process
  • Create an experience that's not just usable, but one that that your Clients will enjoy


Build and Iterate

  • We provide a complete range of front-end development capabilities
  • Often work with our Clients internal IT departments to ensure a smooth transition

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Trueblood Designs was created in 2007 with the idea of a niche agency that was able to combine all facets of design and technical development. After gaining extensive experience in creative design and web development, in the marketing and advertising industry, our aim is to apply this knowledge while providing a consistent and complete design approach for all businesses.

We formed a name for ourselves and are always dedicated to producing high-quality experiences to small, medium and large businesses. We pride ourselves on professional and elegant designs, exciting concepts, simple and intuitive interfaces, attention to detail and inherit simplicity throughout all that we do.

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